Classic Slot – An Extremely Popular Casino Game


Slots, or the familiar name pecans, are the games that cover the largest category of games, regardless of the operator that offers them. Whether we are talking about online casinos or physical casinos, everywhere you will find hundreds of variations of video cameras, called slots, some of the most profitable games of chance, especially for operators. It all started with them, the classic slots, some machines with fruit symbols, where by aligning two, three or more symbols of the same kind, they form winning combinations and pay in cash.

They have not always been so complex! If we were to look at the genealogical tree in the past, the rightful father of all slots, we would go back to the twentieth century, when Charles Fey invented the first slot machine, which had three drums, bell symbols, a single payment line and it was called Liberty Bell. Now we are talking about jackpots of the order of millions of dollars, but, depending on the period, they paid differently, in consumables, such as fine drinks, cigarettes, cigars, festive meals, even chewing gum, during the period when gambling was banned in United States.

Now we are talking about video cameras with 5 or 6 reels, with hundreds of active paylines, with the possibility to bet different stakes, with bonus games, with help symbols, some complex devices that have enriched thousands of players. The differences between classic and modern video slots are major, but the mechanics are the same. Modern slots are much more complex, they come with innovative video / audio effects, in fascinating colors, with amazing graphics and different, engaging themes, while the classic slots will always be the ones with fruit, without exciting stories to keep your attention. So why are they still so popular?

Traditional slots are extremely easy to play, have fewer paylines, which makes the stakes more affordable and are suitable for any category of player. Generally, they only have three reels and offer from one to 5 paylines. We can’t talk about impressive video effects, exciting bonus games or a modern soundtrack, but the games have a pretty good graphics and the most important thing is that their payout mechanics are much better than with modern video slots, just thanks to simplified software.

Minimum bets and high payouts are the real reasons why most players choose to play traditional slots versus modern slots. With new games, not many users can activate all paylines, especially since they can reach up to 350 active lines, which greatly increases the stakes. It is known that if there are more activated payment lines, the chance of winning increases, but also the prize, and the less they are, the lower the chances and payment.

A second thing that is known is that the traditional slots come with a much higher RTP, precisely because they lack the help symbols and bonus games. You will not find anywhere a complex slot, which has several bonus rounds, either they are free spins or pick me bonus, which have the advantage of the house very small, in general they have rated RTP around 93% – 94 %. The same can be said about static jackpot games, which offer a huge prize for very low stakes, and they have very low RTP.

Classic slots are suitable for beginner players in many ways. They are extremely easy to play, without many symbols, without many paylines, without having hundreds of combinations to remember. Traditional slots are also the perfect target for professional players who are looking for a taste of nostalgia or are lovers of retro, precisely because they know the mechanics of payment and know that the chances of increasing their gaming budget are much higher for these devices than for the modern ones.

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